Tuesday, 27 September 2016

September in room 3

We have been learning our colours in maths red, yellow, blue, green.
We looked at powerpoints of each colour, we collected things in our classroom for our colour tables.
We coloured a picture of Little Red Riding Hood and learned a new song about Little Red Riding Hood. Our favourite part was the roar that the wolf made at the end of the song! We did Sticky Red Pictures in Art. We coloured a yellow duck and green frogs. We sorted things into sets based on colour. We drew sets in our maths copies.
We also learned the Irish words for our colours dearg, buĂ­, gorm, glas.

We have been doing great work in Irish. We have learned new rhymes and we have learned the Irish words for our body parts. We say anseo when teacher calls the rolla every morning. We learned how to say our name is in Irish. Is mise..... We have been saying our names loud and proud because we are so special and unique.

Teacher took our finger print and hand print and teacher took our pictures to hang up on the wall.

In history we looked at pictures of ourselves when we were babies, we had to look at the pictures and guess if each picture was a girl or a boy, we even guessed who some of the babies were. We looked at things we used to use when we were babies and we chatted about how we have grown so much and are now able to do lots of things by ourselves. We even looked at a picture of teacher when she was a baby!

Teacher is teaching us the superman and supergirl way of putting on our coat and we are getting good at it now.

In our class we have a special friend LUCKY and Lucky comes home with one of us every weekend and we get to spend the whole weekend with him. Here are some pictures of the children that have taken Lucky home with them so far.

We have been learning lots of songs and rhymes. We have been learning the days of the week song and the finger family song. Here are the links to these two songs if you want to listen to them at home.
Days of the week song
The finger family

We are also busy practicing our songs for our welcoming ceremony on 7th October.

We have been learning our letter sounds and have learnt these letters so far s, a, t, i, p, n.
There is a Jolly Phonics app that parents can download onto phone/tablet. It is a very useful app and has all the Jolly Phonics songs on it.

We have learned to bless ourselves and we are learning our morning prayer, grace before and evening prayer. In religion we looked at our special names and we chatted about our special families and we learned some lovely songs. We drew a picture of our family.

We have been learning our school rules. If we are good in school we move up the rocket and if we get to the moon we get a sticker on our heads.

For the first few weeks of school we wore our special yard coats to the field. Here we are lined up ready to go to the yard. Now we have settled into school and because the weather is much colder now we are just wearing our own coats to the field at break time.

We did fantastic self portraits in art.

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