Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October in Room 3

For October our themes are School and autumn.

Our caretaker John Kelly came to talk to our class about the work he does in our school. He showed us all the tools he uses. He showed us his hammer, his screwdrivers, his saws, his pliers and pinchers, and his HUGE bunch of keys. It was lovely to have John visit.


Then we drew pictures in our copies of John - didn't we do a good job?!

On October 7th we had our welcoming ceremony in the hall. Thank you to all the mammy's and daddy's that came to see us. Here are some pictures of us practising in the hall with rooms 1 and 2. As a practice run we did our songs and rhymes for the rest of the school in assembly and we did a super job on the day.

We went on a tour of our school. First we visited Mary in her office. She has a special job as the secretary. She told us about the work she does in Scoil Mhuire on the computer, she answers the telephone and does the photocopying. We also saw Mary's special camera.

Ms Burke Heneghan the principal was busy but we might visit her another day.

Then we went upstairs to see the staff room where the teachers have their lunch. We had to hold the bar on the stairs .

Then we went to visit the big girls in 6th class and we finished our walk by looking at the top corridor and walking back down the other stairs.

The big girls from 5th class came to read to us.


We have been busy during morning activities. We had fun playing a bingo game to practice our letter sounds s a t i p and n. We did floor puzzles. We made our letters using our playdough mats, We cut out and sequenced the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. We did autumn trees for autumn and made beautiful rainbow sheep. We also had fun with the links and sorted sets of objects according to colour and type. Here are some pictures of us:


Lots of our Aistear activities have stayed the same this month but we are enjoying free painting. We have to wash our brush after using each colour so we don't mix the colours. We also are learning to tidy up after painting. We help wash the paint palette and brushes, we clean the table cloth and help fold it up and fold the art shirts too. Aistear is making us really independent.

During aistear we have also been having fun playing school. One person gets to be the teacher and the other children are the students.
We are getting really good at junk art now. We have been playing with the sand, blocks and playdough too. We made clay hedgehogs and did leaf rubbings and spot the difference. Here are some pictures of us.


We have been doing football in PE. We are doing bouncing, dribbling and kicking activities. It is lots of fun. We have been doing lots of activities with our partners.

We have been learning about Ar Scoil in Irish. We learned the Irish words for lots of things in our classroom: chair, table, white board, bin, window, table, lunch box, school bag, teacher, children, press, door.
We have been playing a special game in Irish 'Cluiche Kim' where we get to be the teacher if we can name the picture that is missing, it is so much fun and we are getting so good at Irish because we have to play the game using only Irish. We love Deir O Gradaigh game and saying our songs and rhymes in Irish.

We also practice our colours in Irish by showing teacher the correct colour crayon. Our new colours are corcra, bán dearg and donn.

In maths we have been learning our colours pink, purple and brown and we have been playing lots of games on the interactive whiteboard. We love using the special pens to play the games. We also made a chart to show how we come to school - car, bus or walk.

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