Sunday, 11 December 2016

Food Glorious Food

For November our theme was food.

We went to the cafe and we got to bring €2 with us to buy a treat in the cafe. The lady Angela that works in the cafe talked to us about the work she does in the cafe and we got to ask her questions. As an extra treat and because we had missed our little break and PE we got to play in the playground. We had so much fun. Then we walked back to school. This was the first day of step it up challenge and we were delighted to get 7201 steps built up while on our trip to the cafe. 

We set up our own cafe in aistear and had lots of fun being the waiter/waitress, the chef and visiting the cafe. Here are some pictures of us.


We read the story Handa's Surprise and watched a video of the story on the interactive whiteboard. We had fun in our new 'small world' station in aistear where we used stick puppets to retell the story of Handa's Surprise in small groups.

We also coloured in pictures of the animals and fruits from the story and we sequenced the story as a whole class. We did a great job.
We rolled up balls of crepe paper to stick on our fruit in another group in aistear it is really good for our fine motor skills.

In our morning activities we coloured and cut out fruit and vegetables and sorted them into sets.
We painted fruit and the following week we made fruit people. Each group did a different fruit. Didn't we do a wonderful job.


We have started formal writing. We have a special blue writing copy where we start by tracing a rainbow letter using every colour in our crayon boxes then we practice writing the letter by ourselves and then we do a page in our workbooks. We get a homework page for homework so we get more practice. We are getting really good and teacher is really proud of us. So far we have done letter s, c, a and d. We have also started to use pencils and teacher showed us the correct way to hold our new pencils.

We also have started independent writing as part of our morning activities using the writing box and we are allowed to use a pencil. We are trying to copy our name from our name tag on our table and we have been writing the names of some of our fruit and vegetables.

We looked at the food pyramid and talked about healthy and unhealthy foods. We did a sorting game in class and we drew healthy and unhealthy foods in our copies.

We painted fruit one week and vegetables the following week. Teacher brought in lots of vegetables and we got to look at and hold lots of different types of vegetables. We drew fruit and vegetables in our copies.

We have been playing with the hexi snaps and the moziac pegs in our morning activities, we have been practicing our letters using playdough and we have been making different types of food and some of the animals from Handa's surprise out of playdough too.

We used data to collect information on our favourite fruit in maths

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