Tuesday, 20 December 2016

November and December

We created our own fruit people in Art, didn't we do a wonderful job.

We had fun with Christmas playdough mats and we made santa and his reindeer too. We also had fun with moziac pegs during our morning activities.

We made our own butter while dancing around the classroom. We had to shake double cream in a container for a long time. We were left with butter and butter milk which teacher drained off. Here are some pictures of us. 

The next day teacher brought us up to the staff room and we made scones and we put our butter on them and ate them, they were delicious. It was a special treat for being very good.


We learned the words in Irish for lots of different foods - úll (apple), banana buí (yellow banana), milséain(sweets), criospaí, bainne (milk), tae, piorra (pear), óraiste (orange),  sceallóga (chips), seacláid, ceapaire (sandwich), íogart (yoghurt), líreacán (lollypop).
We learned to say 'Is maith liom' or 'Ní maith liom' 
We did a listening task where teacher spoke in Irish and we had to colour in the food in the correct colour. We did a super job.


We have had one session a week where Ms Sharkey comes in to our class she takes one groupand works on letter names and teacher takes another group and works on letter sounds. The third group works on an independent writing activity and we get a turn to do all the activities. We are really improving at our letter names and sounds. We have been revising for the month of December but will be learning new sounds again in January.
We had fun with printing. We made Christmas trees by putting our fingers into the green paint. It was messy but fun! Didn't we do a wonderful job.


In maths we have been learning our shapes square, rectangle, triangle and circle. We coloured and cut out 2d shapes and stuck them into our copies and met teachers friends Tracey triangle, Mr Square, Ronnie Rectangle and Mrs Circle. We drew our own Mr or Mrs shape in our maths copies and we found lots of shapes in our classroom.

We have been practicing cutting our shapes. We cut out triangles and circles to make Rudolf. We made crib scenes by cutting out circles and triangles too. 

We looked at non standard units for measuring - cubes, links, pencils, hand span and we sorted laces into long and short. We used the vocabulary longer, shorter, longest, shortest.

We have been having lots of fun learning the counting rhymes 10 fat sausages, 5 little monkeys swinging on a tree,5 little speckled frogs and 5 mince pies and we have had fun doing the actions.

We made Christmas pudding cards for our families and created lovely nativity scenes. We also made a clay decoration for our Christmas tree.

We won 3rd prize for the step it up challenge in school and won the fluorescent flip flop. We have it displayed  on the whiteboard in our classroom. We took a total of 20,176 steps in the week!! Go us!!!

We are busy practicing for our Nativity play on December 20th. We have been learning the songs and the actions to go with the songs and teacher has given some of the boys and girls individual parts in the play. We have started to practice on the stage in the hall with the children from rooms 1 and 2. We can't wait to show off our wonderful play!!!

Sam Maguire visited our school on 8th December. We all wore blue t-shirts/jerseys. 

Milly won the award in our class for friendship week. Well done Millie. She got her picture taken and got presented with her picture in a beautiful frame in assembly. We learned the friendship rules and have them displayed in our classroom. We have also been busy doing the Stay Safe lessons.

We are having fun learning all our Christmas words in Irish, teacher choose some really tricky words and we are doing a super job. We learned the Irish words for present (bronntanas), Christmas stocking (stoca Nollag), reindeer (reinfhia), Christmas card (cárta nollag), lights (soilse), Christmas tree (crann nollag), christmas cracker (pleasóg nollag), decorations (maisiúcháin)and santa Clause(Dadaí na nollag).We also learned a song and a poem about Chistmas in Irish.

We have the writing box as part of our morning activities. We are trying really hard to write our name by copying our name off our name tag on our desk. We are writing words by copying words from flashcards and drawing a picture of the word. We have also started to use pencils. Teacher showed us how to hold our pencil correctly. We are doing a great job. 

We read lots of different versions of the Christmas story. The story is the same in all versions but they are a little bit different. We did a sequencing activity of the Christmas story in our morning activities. We drew lovely pictures of the Christmas story in our copies.

We had fun playing in Santa's workshop and making toys for Santa's workshop in our junk art station.

We had fun playing a game called 'Disguise your voice' in Drama with Ms Walker. Somebody was blind folded and we had to try disguise our voice. We had lots of fun saying Christmas tongue twisters and a Christmas poem called 'Snowball'

We had visitors from the RSA (Road Safety Authority) Ciaran and Laura taught us the safety rules. A zebra crossing is a safe place to cross. We should hold safe hands. We have to Stop look and listen before crossing the road. 
We should wear a helmet when we are out cycling our bike to protect our heads. When travelling in the car with our mammies and daddies we have 3 b rules: belt,  booster, back. We always wear our seat belt, sit on a booster seat and we should sit in the back of the car.
We got a safety licence with our name and our picture on it to prove that we can safely cross the road.

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