Wednesday, 8 February 2017

January in room 3

For January our theme was Winter. We learned all about the weather, animals, clothes and trees in winter. We did beautiful chalk pictures.  We made beautiful fabric and fibre hats in art.

We read lots of winter stories. Our favourite story was ‘William’s Winter Wish’. It was a lovely story about a snow globe and we used this story as inspiration for our own snow globes. Didn’t we do a great job.

We also enjoyed the story ‘The Gruffalo’s Child and we had a light puppet show during Aistear. We made the characters from the story smaller and bigger using a torch. It was great fun.

We started using our new purple copies and writing sentences because we are getting so good at our writing now.

We are learning to read tricky words too. We have learned the words I, the, a, not.

We have been learning new sounds since our Christmas holidays. It is important to practice our sounds and letters every night for homework. Our newest sounds are f, b, ai, j, oa and ie.

In our morning activities we cut out paper snowflakes , sequenced the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider,  we cut out roosters that we painted in Aistear, we played with the count and find boards, did some work on our phonics and used play dough to help with our letters and numbers. We also created our own spiders webs inspired by the artist Piet Mondrain.

We did orienteering and did a shape hunt in PE. Most of us are really good at recognising the shapes square, rectangle, triangle and circle. We also got a chance to create our own games in PE. We worked with a partner and got a cone, hoop and a beanbag. Here are some pictures of us. Teacher was so proud of us because we did a wonderful job.

We learned about Chinese New year. We listened to a story about how all the animals had a race and the12 animals to win the race got a year named after them. Most of us are rabbits and some of us are dragons. 2017 is the year of the rooster so we did some beautiful rooster art.

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