Thursday, 2 March 2017

Travel and Transport

We made love bugs for our families for Valentines Day.

Our theme for February was travel and transport.

In Aistear  we had fun playing with the cars, we made vehicles in junk art, we painted vehicles at our creative station and we made rockets inspired by the poem ‘I’m a Little Rocket’. We also listened to the poem ‘The Little Painted Bus’ and did beautiful drawings using oil pastels.



We had fun in the airport in our role play area. We had fun checking people in at the check in desk, labelling the bags, going through security, taking out money and going on the aeroplane.

Melissa’s Mammy from room 1 works with Aerlingus so she came to talk to rooms 1, 2 and 3. She told us about the work that she does and about what happens in the airport.

For our morning activities  we wrote the names of different vehicles and drew pictures at our writing table, we cut out and sorted shoes into sets, we practiced our numbers and letters using playdough, we made fabric and fibre boats, we had fun playing with the cars and ramps, and we are informally learning about weight. We had fun putting items into the bucket balance and we had to see how many cubes/teddies it took to balance the buckets. Our favourite part was that we got to play with Lucky!



We wrote the names of different vehicles in our copies and drew pictures. We are getting so good at our writing J

We did 3d line sculptures for art inspired by the poem ‘Larry the line’ didn’t we do a wonderful job.



We learned about Pancake Tuesday and we learned a little rhyme. Teacher brought us in pancakes and we put  lemon and sugar on them, they were delicious. 


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